GES Group Machine Shops

GES Group owns several international advanced graphite machine shops all over the world. With our advantages on huge volume raw material purchasing and full set of efficient graphite machining equipment, we have confidence to serve our customers with the highly customized products. 

For more information about our graphite machining products, please refer to the Graphite Machining page.

Stable Product Quality.

GES Europe mainly sources from two global group members: GES China and GES Brazil. Based on our long-term industry leader position, we have built up deep relationships with the most reliable and stable suppliers. With their strong support, GES Europe receives exclusive terms and agreements to benefit its customers.

It is imperative that each supplier undergoes a strict screening process from GES Group. Main criteria to collaborate with the supplier are: excellent Management, state of the art production technology, and certifications.

Rich Experience Teams

Over 60 years experience in dealing with graphite international trade makes us experts. To ensure smooth arrangement from purchasing to warehousing, our specialists are well trained in assisting you to fulfilling a variety of requirements.

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