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Together with its partners overseas, GES Europe has established a worldwide network. The global view ensures that each member of the GES group buys from the most cost-efficient producers around the world. The global presence enables GES as one of the first companies to sense world-wide trends andlets GES stay on top of technological developments.

Ges Graphite (USA) 

The foundation of the company was established by Harry Kearney to market graphite electrodes and graphite specialtys in United States in 1958.

Ges Brazil [Link: https://www.gesgraphite.com.br/homepage]

In 2010, GES Brazil was formed by Baker Kearney to market carbon and graphite products in the South American market.

Nowadays, GES Group is the biggest distributor of carbon and graphite prouducts in North and South America.

Ges Middle east [Link: http://www.gesmefze.com/index.php]

GES Middle east was established to market carbon and graphite products in Middle east and Africa market.

Ges Australia [Link: http://graphite-australia.com/]

GES Australia was founded by David Campbell to market carbon and graphite products in Oceania market.

Ges China [Link: http://www.geschina.net/index]  

GES China was founded by Hongsheng Sun and Shuqin Sun in 2002 to market and sourcing carbon and graphite products in asia market. Also, Ges China owns an international advanced machining shop to serve the customers with the highly customized products. 

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